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"These did exactly as advertised. I got two of these for our room that's closest to a busy main road, and not only do they keep all the draft out of the room from the old windows, but they truly lowered the sound pollution in our room by 7 decibels. We used a meter to check. These have been a godsend. We can use our room without high pitched and high spiking sounds disturbing us anymore. The roadnoise isn't truly cancelled out, but they muffle the sound so well and keep the heat IN our room. Thank you, Moondream!"  (Kirsten A.)

"Thumbs up! I wanted a sound buffer for my condo door without a $300+ price tag. The sound blocking curtain absolutely muffles all sounds and has improved our environment." (Aimee L.)
"The curtains are a nice color and texture. They keep out a significant portion of light. There are many factors involved in noise being heard from outside, so unless you address all factors, no room will truly be outside noise-proof; but, the curtains do dampen the noise from outside, without taking any other steps to eliminate the other factors." (Jennifer L.)

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Moondream Thermal Curtain

"Third set I'm buying....first I bought for myself, than for my mom and and now for a friend's new apartment. Superior quality, lightweight and easy to manage and really pretty on the wall. Most importantly, the thermal and blackout fabric is 100% effective." (Ida P.)

"This time, we also purchased a set of silver thermal liners to add to existing curtains we already had -- I think that they do help block the heat, but probably not quite as effectively as the thermal/blackout curtains, but it does allow us to keep curtains we already had & like." (Amanda S.)
"I have had the winter thermal linings for the curtains for about three weeks. When they first came, my spouse and I were concerned because the curtains are so thin, however, since we have had them I have noticed a significant difference in the temperature of our house! It feels so much warmer with no drafty cold air! I am very excited to see how they work mid-winter! Very happy with our purchase." (Kristen W.)

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"Excellent quality, thank you very much! After lot of research I recommend it." (Beatriz B.)

"I love these curtains. They are a nice heavy fabric and do exactly what they say they will: completely block out the light. These are so much better than my previous blackout curtains. I'm able to sleep much more soundly, as I am quite sensitive to light. I'd definitely recommend them!" (Kenda U.)
"Curtains arrived quickly, hung easily. Block out light wonderfully. Look and feel soft, flow and drape well. Service and product quality don't get much better than this. I'd order again. These are great for my modern Florida condo. You can hem them or not. I didn't and they hang nicely. I may hem later, but for now, they are fine. Thank you." (Denise T)

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