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Moondream, the color expert

At Moondream, a color or pattern is never chosen at random.
Both are selected based on simple, yet stringent criteria to ensure that each color is intelligent and quiet.

As these are two words rarely used when speaking about design elements, let us explain just why they matter to us.

An intelligent color or pattern is one with just the right amount of character to accentuate any window and existing design feature. Smart colors and patterns add the final flourish that transform a house into a welcoming home.

A quiet color or pattern can instantly create a natural, harmonious effect in the home. The perfect match to any interior style, lighting, or home size found in either town or country, these intelligent designs will add balance to any surrounding.   

The colors and patterns that meet these criteria are timeless and versatile, ensuring that all x colors in the Moondream collection will stay relevant even after fashions have come and gone.

In choosing from the Moondream color collection you can rest assured that you will never succumb to decorating mistakes. Have peace of mind that in the years to come, you will continue to enjoy a Moondream product graced with effortless style.

The fusion between the beauty of Moondreamcolor and the expertise of Moondream technology brings your home a touch of authentic style and comfort.

Bright colors

Whether light or dark, colors by Moondream are always radiant. Designed to complement fabrics and illuminate your interior, we take pride in this distinguished style.

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