Soundproof your apartment

You have noisy neighbors or live next to a very busy road? There are several ways to dampen noise and create a quieter atmosphere at home. If changing your windows or insulating your walls is not an option, the next most effcient (and cost effective) solution is to install sound insulation curtains.

Your living-room

Being disturbed in your own condo is a real issue that we are pleased to solve. Moondream's acoustic curtains have been thought and developed to improve your quality of life.

If you want to reduce street noise within your apartment, these curtains will be your best ally as they will muffle down the sound coming from outside and create a peaceful atmosphere.

sound insulation curtain for living room

Your dining-room

What is more precious than to spend time with family or friends around a good meal without being bothered by noise pollution Now it is possible, with noise reducing curtains.

Multi-functional, these curtains will help you reduce the amount of sound coming from the outside, and if you are the one making noise, it will absorb the reverberation of the inside sound so you neighbors don't hear you.

Also made with blackout and thermal fabrics, they are effective and aesthetic elements to be used all year long.

soundproof curtain in bedroom

Your bedroom

Trouble sleeping? Noisy neighbors? To improve your sleeping moments, soundproofing your bedroom is the key. Thanks to their multiple layers, our noise reducing curtains act like a barrier against disturbing noise and make the time you spend in your room priceless.

soundproof curtain in bedroom

Also, if you want to create more privacy in your room, our reversible sound insulation divider curtains are the perfect solution. As the curtains look identical on both sides, they could be used to replace a door to seperate a room.
Having the same characteristics as a soundproof curtain, these 4-in-1 curtains act more on noise thanks to their additional layer of fabric.

room divider curtain

Your kid's bedroom

Even more important than yours, your child's bedroom need to be insulated against noise. Our sound insulation curtains, made up with recycled fabric, protect your kid's nights and are adapted for babies, toddlers, teenagers...

soundproof curtain in kid's bedroom


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