Soundproof your kid's room

It’s already hard enough to get your kids to go to sleep when you want them to, you don’t need loud noises keeping them awake when they actually do want to sleep.

Moondream's 3-in-1 sound inslation curtains are the perfect solution: thanks to our patented technology they are an efficient protection against outside noise while also blocking out all incoming light and providing a thermal insulation against heat and cold.

Baby, toddler, preschooler, adolescent, ... Moondream's sound insulation curtains exist in a variety of colours that can accompagny your child at any age to guarantue the best sleep quality.

Baby's room

Sleep is an important physiological need for a baby's health. As newborns make no difference between day and night, it is important to offer them quality bedtime.

rose soundproof curtain in baby's room

Our noise cancelling curtains, made with OEKO-TEX® fabrics, protect your baby's sleeping hours at any time of the day and keep their nursery warm in winter, fresh in summer and away from noise and disturbing sounds from inside and outside.

white soundproof curtain in kid bedroom

Teenager's room

Today's teens have a very busy lifestyle. Between school, activities, work, outings with friends and social medias, they also need more sleep because their minds and bodies are going through a period of rapid growth.

blue soundproof curtain

Moondream's soundproof curtains will help your teen sleep well, away from noise and light all year long. 
Also, our acoustic curtains will muffle your kid's noises (video games, musical instruments, voices...) for your greater pleasure!

soundproof curtain in teenager room


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