Soundproof your window

Windows should not be the weak point of your home. Between traffic noise, noisy neighborhoods, etc., noise is a daily nuisance to which each of us is confronted and more or less sensitive.

As everyone wants to live in a peaceful place, people are seeking for solution that will protect them from sound disturbance. But how can you soundproof a window?

An efficient and cheaply functional alternative

To reduce the stress linked to noise and regain some serenity, it is important to insulate your home. If you can't afford to change your windows or can't do it because your are renting, the noise reducing curtains by Moondream are the perfect solution for you.

Created to muffle the noise and increase your comfort level, these multi-functional curtains combine acoustic, thermal and blackout functions which provide optimal insulation of a room against noise, excessive heat or intense cold as well as light.

beige soundproof curtain


A decorative alternative

As well as being effective, our anti-noise curtains are available in different colors and bring beauty and color to your interior. Thanks to a quick and easy installation, this design and functional accessory has many advantages that will convince you to adopt it.
Carefully developed and tested, it effectively filters out noise pollution and prevents outside noise from spreading inside and vice versa.

zoom of red soundproof curtain

More than just a noise insulation, these curtains will dress your windows while creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. To spend more peaceful nights and days without breaking the bank, this is the ideal solution.

white soundproof curtain in bedroom


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