Types of noise

There are many different categories of noise, from natural to man-made. In big cities we are confronted with man-made sounds, often quite aggressive.

We try to find soundproof solutions to create a quieter environment and get rid of diffrent types of noise:

  • continuous noise (like machinery that runs without interruption, car traffic): is noise which remains constant and stable over a given time period
  • intermittent noise (trains, aircrafts, sirens): is noise which does not remain constant and stable over a given time period
  • impulsive / impact noise (gun shot): is a very short burst of loud noise which lasts for less than one second.

The noise we find the most disturbing and that we are the most exposed to (unless you live in the countryside) is traffic noise. Unfortunately, this is also the hardest type of noise to reduce, let alone cut out.

The best bet to dampen traffic noise is to combine different solutions: noise-reducing curtains, rugs, window frame insulation foam, etc. 


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