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Enjoy subdued outdoor light on your porch, pergola, balcony, garden, patio or beach home

Summer is the season for life outside... To make these moments more pleasurable, Moondream has developed a line of top quality outdoor curtains, both simple and effective in sheltering you from harsh sunlight and scorching heat. A selection of outdoor fabrics made in France, and materials resistant to rain, sun, and discoloration that stand the test of time. A collection of neutral colors to make sure the other colors around you are not diminished.

Enjoy subdued outdoor light on your balcony, terrace or porch an take advantage of the great weather in complete serenity...These outdoor curtains meet high technical demands, such as a strong resistance to light and friction. Moondream outdoor curtains are water repellent, anti-stain and anti-mold, making them very easy to care for.

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