Printed Blackout Curtains

Add the final touch to your home decor with Moondream blackout window treatment ideas As well as blocking out up to 100% of external light, our range of decorative curtains add the perfect finish to your home decor. They will emphasize the cozy mood of your bedroom and help you sleep better, enhance the decor of your living room and allow you to control the light all day long, and add a designer feel to your office, boosting your creativity. With Moondream blackout curtains, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Printed Blackout Curtains

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Clever and sensible printed blackout curtains

At Moondream, the choice of pattern or fabric is never left to chance. A printed blackout curtain must be clever and sensible. Its fun, graphic, flowery or colorful pattern should enhance your interior decor, add character to a room and harmonize with its general environment. For everyday comfort, it should blend in with the general ambiance.