Door Curtains

Do you want to insulate a door against external noise, cold or heat? The Moondream decorative insulating door curtain is simple and elegant, and suitable for all doors.

A door curtain that adapts to your needs

Moondream has several effective solutions for insulating a door and improving everyday comfort: -The Moondream sound insulation curtain gives your room a high level of sound comfort and also protects against heat loss. Its patented technology absorbs up to 7 decibels of noise, reduces sound reverberation in the room and saves up to 37% on energy bills. - The thinner Moondream thermal insulating door curtain can insulate you from the cold in winter or keep the room cool in summer. You will save up to 46% on heating costs in winter, which is very good news for your wallet and for the planet.

Door Curtains

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Available in a vast range of colors and sizes, you are bound to find the curtain that matches your interior decor best, which acts as a genuine barrier against nuisances such as noise and cold.