Geometric blackout curtains

Add a touch of whimsy to your home with Moondream geometric blackout curtains

With our printed blackout curtains, control the light as you wish

Fun, graphic, pastoral or kids bedroom curtains... the floral, geometric or children’s patterns selected by Moondream will give your blackout curtains a very stylish look. You can use them to personalize all the rooms in your home, from children’s bedrooms to the office or living room, protecting you and your family from the light.

Geometric blackout curtains

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Depending on the level of visual comfort you require, you can choose modern blackout curtains that completely block out the light or decorative dim-out curtains that let through a small amount of light. Whatever you choose, Moondream’s blackout curtains are a clever mix of elegance, suppleness and lightness, guaranteed by 100-year old French expertise and 100% European manufacture.