Winter & Summer THERMAL 100% BLACKOUT Lining Snow MC0720

Bi-Well Winter and Summer Thermal 100% Blackout Lining
The White winter and summer thermal lining Bi-Well by Moondream lining is woven using high technology wire fabric... More

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*Single curtain panel

Weight per unit: 1.32 lbs


Winter & Summer THERMAL 100% BLACKOUT Lining Snow MC0720

This 2-in-1 lining completely blocks out 100% of the light and protects you from both extreme cold and heat. It maintains a comfortable temperature and reduces energy costs. With this thermal blackout lining, you can save up to 24% on heating costs in winter and lower indoor temperatures by up to 41°F in summer. (1)

The metallized side of the fabric reflects heat from the heat rays (back to the outside in summer, back to the inside in winter).

The white side creates absolute darkness in a room, however light it is outside.

(1) Measurement of heating cost savings in winter and the temperature difference in summer, in a room with single glazing and a window fitted with a curtain lined with Moondream thermal blackout lining. Test conducted by an independent laboratory. ENVEHO, report No. PE 639 dated February 2019.

  • The hooks supplied can be used to attach the lining to the back of an eyelet curtain or pencil pleat curtain.
  • Fabric: 75% Acrylic + 16% Polyester + 9% Metallized fibers.
  • Back: White
  • Mashine-washable.
  • Made in Europe (Poland).

Installation instructions

How do I attach my lining to a pencil pleat curtain?

Galons fronceurs

1 - Take down your pencil pleat curtain
2 - Gather the lining to match the width of your curtain
3 - Insert the hook into the heading tape of the lining
4 - Insert the hook into the heading tape of the curtain
5 - Snap the hook closed
6 - Repeat the previous three steps for the whole width of the lining
7 - Hang your curtain


How do I attach my lining to an eyelet curtain?


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  • D. Genevieve
  •  the 08/10/2020
  • 5/5
Great customer service and the product performs as promised. I've used the thermal curtains to reduce heating in my bedroom.