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Thermal insulation

Blackout effect


Avoid extra expense with the blackout curtain lining and transform your curtains into blackout blinds. It can be used in any room in the house to protect your privacy and well-being, blocking up to 100% of outside light.

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Blackout or room darkening curtain lining: it's your choice

With Moondream, choose the blackout curtain liners that suits you best and will fit your curtains perfectly. Light-colored lining will considerably darken the room and only let through a very small sliver of light. Dark-colored lining will block out all external light.

Depending on your current decor, the color of your curtains and your tastes, the Moondream blackout curtain lining can be adapted to your needs and is invisible, thanks to its width. Easy to fit, all our linings attach to your curtains in a few seconds with a Velcro strip, so that you can control your indoor lighting.