Moondream Custom Curtain

Create your custom curtain in 3 easy steps

Moondream offers different types of ready-to-hang curtains, but if you need special dimensions or a different finish, you can simply order a custom curtain that exactly fits your needs!

Step 1: Select the main function of your curtain


Up to 100% Blackout

Moondream blackout curtains protect your interior from incoming light.

We offer several types of blackout curtains: 90-95% Blackout curtains or 100% Blackout curtains.


2-in-1 solution: Thermal and Blackout

Moondream's thermal solutions save up to 46% on your energy bill or reduce your indoor temperature by up to 7° C during the summer months.

Our thermal curtains are also all dimming or blackout depending on the model you choose.

Sound Insulation

3-in-1 solution: Soundproof, Thermal and Blackout

4-in-1 solution: Room Divider, Soundproof, Thermal and Blackout

Our acoustic curtains protect you from noise by reducing the sound entering the window by up to 12 decibels, which turns your interior into a comfort bubble.

They also offer thermal insulation against cold and heat and as well as a protection against light. The acoustic curtains also exist as a room divider whose two sides are absolutely identical.