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White curtains

A specialist in technical and decorative curtains, Moondream offers a unique selection of white curtains. For all the rooms of the house and all decorative styles, white curtains light up the atmosphere and are a genuine decorative plus that bring style to a room's ambiance. Why not go for a white cotton curtain or a white linen curtain that hang perfectly and transform your room's interior into a cozy, relaxing cocoon?

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Our different white curtain styles

On our website, you'll find a wide array of curtains: soundproof, summer & winter thermal, room divider, dim-out and 100% blackout options. For example, by choosing a white blackout curtain, with a simple gesture you can block out all outside light that may bother you—ideal for a bedroom. That makes the white Moondream curtain much more than a simple curtain! It is the solution for all daily disturbances and can protect your sense of well-being and privacy at home.