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Moondream white blackout curtain

Your white blackout curtain will set off the other colors in your interior decor and blend into the general theme. This neutral color, a great classic in interior decor, has the power to instantly brighten any room and visually expand the space.

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You can now buy a white curtain that blocks out 100% of the light!

Do you think a white blackout curtain will not completely block out the light due to its light color? Moondream proves the opposite with its total blackout curtain made from quality materials, such as coated linen cotton, guaranteeing 100% blackout. The classic white blackout curtain will block nearly 97% of external light. You can therefore decide on the level of blackout you want and control the light throughout the day. Available in several sizes and shades of white, our blackout curtains are suitable for all window sizes and can be height adjusted using the fusion tape (provided), for a perfect drop.