Thermal Blackout Curtains

Made from a combination of Moondream's blackout curtain and thermal lining, these thermal blackout curtains work to preserve heat indoors during winter, and repel sun radiation during summer. This innovative Moondream insulation solution is capable of lowering indoor temperatures by several degrees in summer, and save you 46% on your energy bill in winter. Carrying the Moondream blackout promise, these thermal blackout curtains give you the freedom to control the light while maintaining an ideal indoor temperature all year round.

You have more questions about thermal insulation and how to choose the right curtain for your needs? Please consult our THERMAL CURTAIN BUYING GUIDE!

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Moondream thermal insulating curtains

Discover Moondream thermal blackout curtains, a two-in-one technological solution guaranteeing optimum comfort! Thermal blackout curtains keep the temperature in your room at the right level all year round, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer, thanks to the metallic thread woven into the lining. Independent laboratory tests prove that our thermal blackout curtains save up to 46% on heating bills in winter and cool the room by up to 4°C in summer thanks to the unique patented technology. They also totally block out external light in a simple sweep. Our curtains will have pride of place in your bedroom or your children’s bedroom, guaranteeing everyone a restful night’s sleep, or in the living room so you can adjust the light according to your lifestyle, or in front of a poorly insulated door to prevent significant heat loss.


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