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Thermal insulation


Summer or winter & summer thermal drapes, it’s up to you! There’s no need to compromise on drapes! They protect your privacy while letting in the light, unlike thicker curtains. Moondream has designed thermal sheers that combine elegant fabrics with technological insulating lining to decorate your windows and protect you from the heat.

You have more questions about thermal insulation and how to choose the right curtain for your needs? Please consult our THERMAL CURTAIN BUYING GUIDE!

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Only let the light in with Moondream thermal sheers

In colors inspired by nature, giving your home a soft, soothing atmosphere, our thermal drapes adapt to your lifestyle and needs. The thermal lining on the Refresh by Moondream drapes blocks out heat from the sun, cooling the room by up to 7° while still letting in the light. No more need to close the shutters in summer! Winter & summer thermal drapes are efficient all year round. In winter, they send the heat back inside the room and in summer they block the heat from the sun. So you can make real savings on energy and keep the heating turned down, while enjoying a cooler atmosphere in summer.