Keep cool with Moondream curtains to keep heat out

How can you simply and effectively insulate yourself from the heat?

As soon as the sun shines, our spirits are lifted. However, if the temperature in your home is too high, it can be uncomfortable. Add a South facing room to this and your first reflex is to keep cool indoors by closing the shutters, which also shuts out the light. With Moondream curtains to keep heat out, there is another alternative. You can protect yourself from the heat in an ecological, affordable way, letting in the light at the same time.

Keep cool with Moondream curtains to keep heat out

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A patented solution in a beautiful fabric

Moondream, the technical and decorative curtain specialist, has designed and developed energy efficient curtains that keep the temperature low when the weather is at its hottest. Their thermal lining blocks the sun’s infrared rays and can lower the indoor temperature by up to 7 degrees. Plain or striped, pale or colorful, our anti-heat curtains are impeccably finished, thanks to their 100% European manufacture, blending in perfectly with your interior decor.