Heat blocking curtains

Do you want to keep your house cool in summer? Discover the patented Refresh by Moondream heat blocking curtains!

Anti-heat curtains, the Moondream technological solution

In a simple step, summer thermal curtains can lower the temperature of the room by 7°. Tested in an independent laboratory, they have proven efficiency. The technical, ecological material used in the heat blocking curtains prevents external heat from invading your room, while allowing the light to pass through, thanks to a second aluminum layer. Moondream also offers summer thermal curtain lining to attach to your drapes with a simple Velcro strip.

Heat blocking curtains

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As technological efficiency should not spoil your interior decor, we have paid special attention to the beauty of the fabric, in partnership with major textile designers. We guarantee all our customers a huge choice of materials and colors for our high-quality anti-heat curtains.