Thermal insulated blackout curtains

How do Moondream thermal insulation blackout curtains work?

When designing our insulating curtain, we were inspired by the efficacy and technology of survival blankets. It therefore consists of a blackout layer that blocks external light and a thermal insulating layer injected with microscopic aluminum particles, which reflect nearly all external infrared rays. With Moondream's thermal insulation blackout curtains, heat produced by radiators is sent back into the room in winter, while in summer the sun's rays are directed outside. So you can keep a perfect temperature all year round in every room!

Thermal insulated blackout curtains

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A wide choice of colors, patterns and finishes

Pencil pleats or grommets curtains, plain or patterned, light or bright colored, modern or classic... Moondream has a wide range of thermal insulating blackout curtains to match your interior decor. Available in many sizes, our curtains are easily adjustable with a thermobonded strip. Wherever you fit them, you will be fully satisfied with your thermal insulating curtains.