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Moondream curtains, the perfect blend of technology and comfort

Home is a place of well-being. It’s where we share happiness and treasure our loved ones. Home is like a perfect little world we get to craft. It’s the ultimate expression of intimacy. At the very heart of each curtain are cutting-edge protection technologies. Moondream works hard to provide you with comfort with a flick of the wrist. At Moondream we strive to transform your home into a safe refuge, away from unwanted disturbance, be it external light, noise, insects, electromagnetic frequencies or extreme temperatures.

At Moondream, a curtain is not just a strip of material. It's a solution. So we continue to seek out, invent and create. In our quest to combine high-technology performance and beautiful fabric, we bring you simple solutions to preserve your quality of life.  Blackout, soundproof, mosquito repellent, thermal or acoustic, each Moondream technology is subjected to rigorous testing. It enables us to guarantee, without doubt, the exemplary quality and performance of all our products. It’s this commitment to excellence that has made Moondream a trusted brand worldwide. We are proud to have earned this trust. It’s at the foundation of who we are.

It’s a Moondream curtain, not just a curtain, that will bring you peace, tranquility and quietness. For Moondream, “quiet” is more than an adjective. It’s a value. We tirelessly defend this value. It’s our gem. We defend it for you. We defend it for Moondream. You could even say we defend it for everyone.

For you: By creating simple, safe, tried and tested solutions. By producing beautiful, practical products that offer physical and emotional well-being, and make life more comfortable, every single day.
For us: By acting professionally and encouraging curiosity and imagination. By taking the time to develop a color, select a pattern and study technological advancements so we can always remain cutting-edge. We never hurry the process because we know time is quality. Today more than ever.
For everyone: By championing alternative solutions to complex, energy-hungry problems. By promoting eco-conscious behavior to preserve our planet’s resources. At Moondream we work for the global interest. And yes, that means even for those who might never own our curtains.

Moondream, a brand of technical and decorative curtains belongs to the French textile group CHAMATEX.

Moondream Technical Curtains