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Blackout curtains completely protect your privacy by blocking out up to 100% of the light, such as night-time electrical illumination. Moondream's innovative technical solutions allow you to adapt the lighting of your room to your rhythm of life, preserve the quality of your sleep and ensure you enjoy restorative rest.

The Moondream blackout range of curtains comes in a number of trendy styles that will effortlessly compliment your interior design. There is a Moondream blackout curtain for every room in your house, with a range of 30 solid colors like greybluered, black, pinkbeige, brown, green, turquoise and purple as well as various patterned styles, embossed designs, linen-effect, crepe de chine or cotton pique curtains and a range of designer fabrics. 

You have more questions about light insulation and how to choose the right blackout curtain for your needs? Please consult our BLACKOUT CURTAIN BUYING GUIDE!

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To ensure its technology does not spoil your interior decor, Moondream offers a huge range of curtains. Striped, patterned, plain, in bright or soft colors, room darkening curtains will suit all your rooms and all your window sizes.


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