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Blue blackout curtains, a decorative asset for the whole house

Sky blue, turquoise, navy, petrol or frosted blue... there are many shades of blue that can be adapted to all tastes and styles of decoration. A timeless, elegant color, blue is renowned for its ability to visually enlarge the space. Choosing blue blackout curtains for a small room or narrow apartment is a clever, attractive decoration idea. You can use them to block out outside light and add a touch of color to your interior decor.

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Match blue blackout curtains to your decorating theme

The color of the sea and sky, blue clearly looks great with white, for a marine-inspired theme evoking a house by the sea. In a room decorated in grey, beige, taupe or cream tones, blue blackout curtains will set off the space and add a fresh look. You can also blend it with orange, yellow and even green, for a bright and breezy pop look. Blue blackout curtains can be used in any room of the house. Pastel shades are ideal for a baby or child's room curtain. Grey-blue or darker blues will give a warm, modern look to your living room. Blue is a creative color that can also be used in your office.