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Dividing a room to create two separate spaces is easy with the reversible sound-insulating divider curtain. Create an office in the corner of the living room, divide your children’s room in half for more privacy... nothing could be easier! The Moondream reversible room divider curtain is THE perfect solution for organizing your space as you wish. It adapts to your lifestyle, giving you the freedom to create a new space very easily. Noise-reducing, sound-insulating and light-blocking, perfect for creating partitions.

You have more questions about sound insulation and how to choose the right acoustic curtain for your needs? Please consult our SOUNDPROOF CURTAIN BUYING GUIDE!

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Room divider curtain: exceptional properties

Doubly lined so that it looks the same on both sides, the divider curtain has four layers, including a blackout layer on each side to block out the light, plus a thermal layer. A genuine sound-insulating wall to be used like a movable partition, it absorbs and dampens sound waves by up to 9 decibels, dividing sound energy by eight.