Acoustic curtains

Insulate your home from noise with our acoustic curtains

Traffic, building works, passers-by... there are many daily noise nuisances. To enjoy peace and quiet and improve your sleep quality, acoustic curtains offer genuine everyday comfort. To insulate a window from external noise, or divide a room to create two separate, private spaces, its sound-dampening power divides sound energy by four (around 7 decibels less). Made of three layers of fabric, our curtains also have a blackout and thermal function to help you save on energy and block out light as you wish.

Acoustic curtains

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Patented technology with a beautiful look

Moondream soundproof curtains are not only effective and intelligent. They also have the rare quality of being 100% made in Europe (reinforced tops, overlock stitching, stainless steel eyelets or pencil pleats, etc.). AAvailable in many sizes, finishings and colors, the sound insulation curtains suit all rooms and all tastes. You are sure to find the product that will give your home a cozy atmosphere, transforming it into a haven of peace far from all noise disturbance.