Noise blocking curtains

What is a soundproof curtain?

These curtains are made from special fabrics that protect and insulate against noise. Noise blocking curtains dampen external disturbances and sources of noise pollution in your home (traffic, public areas, building works, etc.). Produced from a patented technology, Moondream's multi-layered soundproof window treatments significantly improve the sound insulation of a door or window. The results speak for themselves: with Moondream, you can reduce the sound energy in a room by up to 7 decibels.

Noise blocking curtains

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Technical and decorative curtains for the whole house

Noise blocking curtains can be installed anywhere in your home, on any window or door that lets in noise. In addition to its technical expertise, Moondream designs beautiful curtains with an attractive look and feel, in timeless shades and patterns that match all themes and styles of decor. All our products are exclusively made in Europe, with genuine expertise and irreproachable quality.