Blackout Linings

With Moondream curtain lining, your curtains will block out the light in one sweep

Blocking out the light at a low cost without changing your curtains is possible thanks to Moondream's blackout lining.

Moondream blackout lining is the technical, discreet, effective solution for transforming the curtains you love into blackout curtains in no time at all. In one size, their well-designed width ensures they are totally invisible, so they don't spoil your color theme.

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Fitting them is incredibly easy: the light insulation lining comes with a Velcro strip to attach to the back of your curtains. You can instantly block out 100% of outside light in a simple step, adapting the light to your lifestyle. Our lining is especially suitable for bedroom windows, to help give the whole family a good night’s sleep, at very little cost.


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