Moondream room darkening curtains

Opt for Moondream room-darkening curtains and protect yourself from external light with style, all over the house!

Blocking out light is quick and easy with blackout curtains

Darkening a bedroom, concealing the view from neighboring buildings, dimming the light in the living room so you can watch a movie in peace... there are many uses for dim-out curtains, in every room. In one simple step, you can block up to 100% of outside light compared to ordinary curtains!

Moondream room darkening curtains

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Easy to fit thanks to their eyelet system, the curtains consist of layers of fabric with a black thread inside that blocks out the light. Moondream light insulation curtains come in a wide range of materials and textures. Embossed, plain, in linen or crepe de chine, choose the curtain that will decorate your windows and harmonize with your interior decor, whatever effect you wish to achieve.