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Grey curtains

Grey curtains and drapes: an asset in decorating the whole house

An omnipresent color in interior decoration, grey is softer than black, but still as stylish. From the master bedroom and children's rooms to the living and dining rooms, Moondream grey curtains and drapes have a version to fit every room in the house. Its rich palette of shades—warm grey to cool grey, light grey to anthracite grey—offers a multitude of possibilities for decorating your interior. It also matches well with both bright colors and natural ones such as taupe and beige, as well as doing wonders with deep blue.

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Smart curtains designed for your comfort

Our entire catalog of grey curtains offers a solution for a daily problem. Blackout grey curtain, thermal, or soundproof, or with electromagnetic field shielding: protect your interior from all types of disturbances with a simple gesture. By using protective technologies in all of our curtains, Moondream makes your daily life more comfortable without compromising aesthetics for a curtain that is both attractive and useful day after day.