Green curtains

Green works great anywhere in the house! Apple green, khaki green, anise green, almond green... the color's various hues take direct inspiration from nature and can spread a strong sense of comfort throughout your interior.

Green curtains and drapes: in which room and in what style?

In an adult bedroom, green curtains and drapes have a soothing quality among light colors, while in a child's bedroom you can select a more lively, dazzling color. In your living room, green curtains and drapes can be refreshing, invigorating, even exotic depending on the overall atmosphere you're looking for. In an office, a solid khaki green curtain will foster better concentration and emanate a sense of softness through room's atmosphere.

Green curtains

Greater well-being at home with Moondream

To make your interior into a truly soothing and pleasurable living space, Moondream offers blackout, soundproof and thermal curtains. With a green blackout curtain, protect your privacy and block out exterior light that can be a day-to-day nuisance. A soundproof curtain can be an effective shield for noise pollution while a thermal curtain cut down on heat loss in the winter and conserve cool air in the summer.