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Brown curtains

With brown curtains and sheers, bring warmth to your interior

An excellent warm color, brown curtains and sheers work wonders with all natural colors for a decoration scheme that is subdued, modern and cozy. By choosing brown Moondream curtains and sheers, whether for your living room, bedroom, or office, you can accent light-colored walls and give depth to any room while dressing your windows with elegance. Brown is also the ideal color for blackout curtains. Your brown Moondream blackout curtain can filter out light or totally block it while protecting you from prying eyes.

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Moondream quality

Moondream offers a large selection of brown curtains and sheers piqued cotton, linen, solid brown curtains or ones with patterns, grommets, pleats, or a wall attachment... the choices are huge! Height adjustable through a thermal-bonding strip provided during delivery, all of our curtains can be adapted perfectly to the dimensions of your windows. Lastly, with 100% European manufacturing, you are guaranteed perfect finishings and curtain hanging for a brown curtain that will be with you for a long time to come.