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Subtle and elegant, Moondream's wide range of textured fabrics offers you a sophisticated selection of blackout curtains. Spanning from linen and crepe de chine to cotton pique and embossing fabrics, this simple yet sophisticated range of blackout curtains is designed to add a classic finishing touch to any interior. Moondream light blocking curtains are available in almost every color under the sun. With a selection of 60 unique styles, ranging from Eggshell Beige to Dark Purple, rest assured that at Moondream you can find a curtain to suit any interior.

Whether you are looking for a subtle color to blend seamlessly with an existing interior, or want to create a feature wall using contrasting colors, look no further than the Moondream blackout range of curtains. Whatever the desired effect, with Moondream's extensive range of blackout curtains, rest assured that you'll find the drapes of your dreams.

You have more questions about light insulation and how to choose the right blackout curtain for your needs? Please consult our BLACKOUT CURTAIN BUYING GUIDE!

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Blackout curtains can be used anywhere in the house

Completely protecting your privacy from light disturbances such as outdoor streetlamps, the innovative Moondream blackout curtain lets you control indoor lighting to suit your lifestyle, protecting the quality of your sleep and guaranteeing a restful night. In the living room, bedroom or office, we all aspire to transform our living space into a haven of peace far from noise and prying eyes.

Room darkening curtains that only let through a tiny sliver of light or 100% blackout, select the level of blackout you require. To ensure its technology does not spoil your interior decor, Moondream offers a huge range of curtains. Striped, patterned, plain, in bright or soft colors, blackout curtains will suit all your rooms and all your window sizes.


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