Moondream innovations at the service of your well-being and sustainable development    

In addition to the constant improvement of our technologies, we are always working on optimizing our products to further contribute to your well-being and to sustainable development.

Your comfort is our priority. Our goal is to find the best solutions to protect your home from light, cold, heat, noise or electromagnetic frequency emissions.


Our mission

At Moondream, "quiet" is not just a simple word, it's a value we consider precious for you, but also for us. We defend it for everyone.
FOR YOU: by creating easy solutions, that have been proven to be safe and effective. We offer you a selection of useful and aesthetic/stylish products that will enhance comfort and well-being in your home.
FOR US: by taking the time to develop a color, choose the perfect design of a pattern and, above all, by studying all the technological advances that can help us improve our skills.
FOR ALL: by promoting an environmentally conscious behavior and seeking out alternatives to energy-hungry solutions, like heating and air conditioning, or costly home improvements, such as double or even triple. Doing so, we are at the service of everyone, including those who will never have Moondream curtains

High performance thermal insulation to save energy

Economie hiver

Moondream thermal curtains, thermal sheer curtains and thermal linings are an innovative, patented, efficient and practical answer to your thermal insulation needs. 

Indeed, windows are one of the main sources of heat loss during Winter. Our products benefit from a specific technology, a thermal insulation fabric such as those used in emergency blankets, with the particularity that it remains soft and quiet like a regular fabric.

It reflects 80 to 90% of heat rays so you can enjoy a perfect temperature all year round, make energy savings in winter (up to 46%) and lower the temperature by a few degrees in summer.

OEKO-TEX® fabrics for your health

Most fabrics used to make Moondream curtains are OEKO-TEX® certified. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide standardized testing and certification system for all textile products.

It certifies that the fabrics used were manufactured without toxic/harmful substances that could affect health.

All our curtains are made in Europe (Poland) in order for you to benefit from our European expertise and purchase quality products.

Oeko tex

Recylced cotton for an eco-responsible choice

The noise insulation lining of our acoustic curtains is made from recycled cotton, which saves water resources and prevent the extra use of chemicals.

Recycled cotton, how does it work?


1 - Recycling begins with the recovery of bleached fabrics.


2 - Then shredding the already bleached fibers, which don’t need an important chemical treatment.


3 - Recycled cotton fibers are made in our spinning mill in Germany.


4 - Weaving is guaranteed 70% recycled cotton.


5 - Each production stage is done in Europe. 

The produced threads are labeled OekoTex 100, that is to say that they do not contain any harmful substances. Cotton planting requires huge resources of land, water and chemicals that are saved here, our curtains are committed to an eco-label approach.

100 buckets 10 000 km Plant resulting
from GMO seeds
Requires a lot of
Recycled cotton 24 buckets 500 km + 0% GMO + 0% pesticide