Our values

In addition to the constant improvement of our technologies, we are always looking to optimize our products to further contribute to your well-being and to sustainable development. Your comfort is our priority. Our goal is to find the best solutions to insulate all the rooms in your house against light, cold, heat, noise, mosquitoes or even waves.

Our mission

For Moondream, "quiet" isn't just a qualifier it's a value. We stand for this value as something precious to you, but also to us. In fact, we defend it for everyone.

FOR YOU: by creating solutions that are simple, safe and proven to work. By distributing beautiful and useful products that provide physical and emotional well-being in order to make everyday life more comfortable.

FOR US: by having a professional demeanor that fosters curiosity and imagination. By taking the time to develop a color, choose the design of a pattern and, above all, by studying all the technological advances likely to advance our know-how. In short, by never producing in haste.

FOR EVERYBODY: by defending an alternative to complicated and energy-consuming comfort solutions, we promote responsible behavior with regard to the planet’s resources. By cultivating this will we are of service to everyone, including those who will never have Moondream curtains.

High performance thermal insulation to save energy

Economie hiver

Moondream thermal curtains, thermal liners and thermal curtains are an innovative, patented, efficient and practical answer to your thermal insulation needs. Windows are a major source of heat loss in winter. These curtains benefit from a specific technology similar to that of survival blankets. It reflects 80 to 90% of heat rays back into the interior of the room in winter by reflexivity, allowing you to save up to 46% on your heating consumption. Moondream thus helps you participate in the collective effort to reduce energy consumption.

OEKO-TEX® fabric for your health

Most of the fabrics used to make Moondream curtains are OEKO-TEX® certified. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a globally standardized testing and certification system for all textile products. It certifies that the fabrics used were manufactured without toxic substances or harmful to health.

With its many years of experience, the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® thus contributes from the consumer's point of view to effective and high product safety. Comprehensive product controls further ensure a sustainable worldwide awareness of the industry for responsible use of chemicals.

Oeko tex

Coated fabrics that do not release VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) include a multitude of substances that can be of biogenic (natural origin) or anthropogenic (human origin) origin. They are defined as always composed of the element carbon and other elements such as hydrogen, halogens, oxygen, sulfur, etc.

These compounds have very harmful effects on health (irritation of the eyes, mucous membranes, respiratory tract, heart and nervous system disorders, headaches, nausea, etc.) and certain VOCs are carcinogenic (benzene, etc.), other reproductive toxins or mutagens.

At Moondream, we had our coated fabrics tested:

-in the BLACKOUT section (DREAM)


The results of these tests (Test reports SL62216320094401TX and SL62216320089601TX conducted by the SGS laboratory dated October 24, 2022) indicate that our coated fabrics do not release volatile organic compounds.

Manufactured in Europe 

Made in europe

All Moondream curtains are made in Poland. This choice allows you to benefit from European know-how and thus offer you the best possible quality. 

Recycled cotton for an eco-responsible choice

The noise insulation liner of our soundproof curtains is made from recycled cotton. This technique saves water resources and chemicals.

 Eco responsable

Recycled cotton, how does it work?

1 - We start with the recovery of white tissue
2 - After shredding, an already bleached fiber is recovered, which does not require significant chemical treatment.
3 - Recycled cotton yarns are remade in our spinning mills in Germany.
4 - The weaves are guaranteed 70% recycled cotton.
5 - Like all stages of the recycled cotton cycle, the making is done in Europe

The yarns produced are labeled Oekotex 100, that is to say they do not contain unwanted substances. A curtain committed to an eco-label process. Planting cotton requires enormous resources of land, water and chemicals which are saved here:

Water use Km parcourus GMO use Pesticides use
Conventional cotton 100 water buckets used 10 000 km
Plant from GMO seeds Many pesticides needed
Recycled Cotton 24 water buckets used 500 km
0% GMO 0% Pesticides