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Thermal insulation

Blackout effect


Do you want to invest in blackout curtains or need a quick, economical solution to maintain a perfect temperature in your room? Instead of getting rid of the curtains you love, which match your interior decor perfectly, choose Moondream curtain lining!

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Curtain lining that creates thermal blackout curtains

The Moondream blackout or dim-out lining blocks up to 100% of outside light—perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom or living room. We also offer three types of thermal lining: insulating lining in winter to save up to 46% on winter heating bills; thermal lining in summer to cool the room by around 7°, even if it is South-facing, and still let the light in, and summer & winter lining which combines both features for efficiency all year round.

How to line a curtain

You don’t need to be a sewing professional or have any special equipment. Moondream has designed simple, easy to attach curtain lining. The key to its success? A self-adhesive Velcro band at the top of the lining which can be attached to any curtain on any fabric, in a few seconds. A discreet, practical, economical solution to transform your curtains in the flick of a wrist!