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Brown blackout curtains: comfort and warmth in your home

Brown is a natural color that instantly makes your home feel comfortable. It goes wonderfully with all light, natural shades and also with blue, green, yellow or orange. Choosing a brown room darkening curtain will add a charming effect to your interior decor while blocking out up to 100% of outside light.

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Choosing the right brown blackout curtain

On Moondream, you will find a whole range of blackout curtains at all prices and in a variety of colors. There are many shades of brown suitable for all the rooms in the house, just choose the one that suits you. For your bedroom, thick curtains in a warm brown shade such as mocha or coffee will create a warm atmosphere conducive to sleep. In your living room, avoid dark colors, which can be oppressive. Instead, go for lighter shades to create a lively ambiance. Plain, striped, patterned, textile, linen or crepe chine... we are sure to have the brown curtains that will suit you.