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Green blackout curtains

Rediscover a peaceful night’s sleep with Moondream blackout curtains

A natural color that adds freshness and harmony to your interior decor, green is especially suitable for a bedroom where a calm, peaceful setting is very important. Green should be avoided as a total look, but is good in small touches. So, choosing green blackout curtains will give a comfortable, reassuring, relaxed decorative look to your room, while blocking out all external light.

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Green blackout curtains can be adapted to the atmosphere you want to create. For an anti-stress look, they blend perfectly with natural shades such as chocolate, ivory, ochre or taupe, and also with brighter colors such as red, blue or orange for a cozy, retro feel. From khaki to apple green or aniseed, in plain, striped or patterned fabrics, Moondream has a vast range of shades. In a wide range of coated materials for total blackout effect even with a lighter shade, you will sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed.