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Pencil pleat blackout curtains

Why choose blackout pencil pleat curtains?

A curtain finish that has existed for a long time, pencil pleats are suitable for all styles of decor and all rooms in the house. Fully concealing the fixation system for a perfect look, blackout pencil pleat curtains completely block out external light. The pencil pleats improve the blackout properties! Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, you are sure to find the blackout curtain that suits you.

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How to fit these curtains easily

Blackout pencil pleat curtains have a thick, white stitched strip of ribbon at the top of the curtain. With this curtain tape, you can easily gather the curtain by pulling on the threads inside the ribbon. You then adjust the fabric as you wish. Fitted to a curtain rod with small rings or rails, the pencil pleat curtain is fixed by curtain hooks that you insert in the tape at regular intervals (every 8 to 10 cm approximately). You can then slide your curtain along very easily and control the light.