Orange blackout curtains: liven up your windows

Brighten your mood with orange

Enjoy a good dose of vitamins with orange blackout curtains! A warm, invigorating color, orange is particularly suitable for your living room, where it will lighten the room and create a friendly, stimulating atmosphere. In a bedroom, it’s best used sparingly as a decorative touch on your textiles. Orange curtains are ideal for your bedroom or a teenager’s bedroom, and will block out all external light.

Orange blackout curtains: liven up your windows

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Dim-out or blackout curtains: choose your level of blackout

Moondream has several blackout solutions depending on the amount of light you want to let in. Linen or crepe chine dim-out curtains only let in a very small amount of light to the room, protecting you against prying eyes and strong outdoor lights. Plain, striped or patterned orange blackout curtains block out up to 100% of external light, plunging the room into complete darkness at any time of the day in a simple movement.