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Taupe blackout curtains

Choose a timeless color for your blackout curtains

A mix of grey and brown, taupe is a home decor classic. This discreet color invites calm, relaxation and rest, harmonizing with all shades, all the rooms in the house and all styles of decoration. Choosing Moondream taupe blackout curtains avoids any errors in taste, making it easy to create a sober, elegant atmosphere in your home.

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Elegant, high-quality thick curtains

As a color known for not reflecting light, taupe is an obvious choice for room darkening curtains. Its linen appearance warms up the ambiance of your room, dressing your windows elegantly. Our taupe blackout curtains are coated in acrylic to create an even softer, more supple fabric which above all significantly increases their effectiveness against light. This coating blocks 100% of external light, the perfect solution for enjoying a peaceful night's sleep.