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Insulate your home with noise cancelling window treatments

Is noise an everyday nuisance in your living room, bedroom or office? Do you want a simple, quick and above all inexpensive solution to improve the sound insulation of a window? Try Moondream's thick noise cancelling curtains!

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Block out noise instantly!

A busy street, night or daytime traffic noise, a nearby railway line, building works that wake you up early... You need to think about insulating your windows against noise. Thanks to Moondream you can now leave these disturbances outside, simply by installing a noise insulation curtain. Its unique three layers of materials give it high sound absorption properties, dividing sound energy by four, or up to 7 decibels. As well as insulating your windows against noise, it can block out the light at any time of the day thanks to the blackout layer, and maintain a perfect temperature all year round thanks to the thermal insulation.