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With Moondream’s front door curtain, you can leave disturbances on the doormat

Your front door can be a real source of external noise pollution. In houses, it lets in traffic noise or the sounds of passers-by. In apartments, you can hear your neighbors coming and going, creaking steps, slamming doors—all of which disturbs your everyday peace and quiet. An entrance door curtain is the solution to all these problems!

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Insulate your door easily thanks to Moondream

Moondream has developed a sound insulation curtain that you can use as an front door curtain. Consisting of three layers, it blocks out sounds from outside and can reduce noise that passes through the door by up to 7 decibels, but its qualities do not stop there. Our entrance door sound insulation curtain is also an effective barrier against heat loss, thanks to its thermal function. Installing an front door curtain is therefore a perfect two-in-one solution, innovative and economic. Door thermal curtain and sound insulation curtain, you will not want to separate!