Soundproof thermal curtains

Insulated curtains can be used throughout the home

In whichever room you fit your soundproof thermal curtains, a sense of calm and comfort will return to your home. In your living room, the atmosphere will be welcoming and restful. In your office, they will help promote concentration and shield you from disturbances. In an adult’s, children's or baby's bedroom, they will give you a peaceful night’s sleep. With Moondream thermal and sound insulation curtains, the house will become a genuinely cozy cocoon where you will enjoy spending time.

Soundproof thermal curtains

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Cutting-edge technology

Moondream acoustic curtain panels are the result of many years of research into improving comfort in the home. Their unique, patented composition of three layers of fabric acts as a barrier to external noise and also helps improve the thermal insulation of the room. Sound energy is divided by four, heat from radiators is sent back inside the room in winter to help you save on energy, while in summer the room stays cool.