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Thermal drapes

Moondream’s patented thermal drapes offer a genuine alternative to energy-wasting solutions. Stop turning up the heating in winter to compensate for heat loss from poorly insulated windows and avoid costly air conditioning to keep your home cool in summer. As drapes or curtains, blackout or not, our thermal drapes are amazingly efficient and also come in beautiful fabrics, to enhance your interior decor.

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How do the winter/summer thermal curtains work?

Whether you choose lined thermal insulation curtains or our thermal lining which attaches to your own curtains, you are guaranteed better thermal insulation in your home and protection from outside disturbances. Thanks to the aluminum particles injected into the fabric thread—an innovative technology fine-tuned by Moondream—your insulated curtain will protect you from cold in winter and from heat in summer. Proven results: around 4° less in summer and up to 46% energy savings in winter. Entirely manufactured in Europe, all our curtains are of irreproachable quality and guaranteed performance.