Protect yourself from the cold with Moondream winter curtains

Keep your home warm with our anti-cold curtains

Your home can suffer from poor insulation in winter, with heat escaping from your front door or windows. To keep heat inside, the Moondream winter curtains act like a barrier against cold, fitted in front of a living room or bedroom window, or an entrance door. The patented technology of our warm curtains gives them genuine thermal insulation properties, keeping warmth from the radiators inside the room and reducing energy consumption by around 46%.

Protect yourself from the cold with Moondream winter curtains

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How to choose your winter curtains

Moondream has a wide range of insulating textiles to meet everyone’s needs and preferences. For the living room, dining room or study, winter curtains are available in a huge range of colors, patterns and materials, to highlight or enhance your interior decor. For bedrooms, we suggest the winter blackout curtains, which combine heat insulation with a blackout layer to block all external light sources. Available in several heights to fit all windows, our energy efficient curtains can be adjusted with a thermobonded strip. All you have to do is choose!