Cold weather curtains

Moondream's winter curtains allow you to prevent significant heat loss from your home without undertaking major insulation work. A simple, quick alternative suited to all budgets!

The advantages of cold weather curtains

Winter curtains can be fitted on any poorly insulated opening, whatever its dimensions. A window, entrance door, French windows or a bay window... simply fit a curtain rail and the job’s done. You can adjust the height very easily thanks to the thermobonded strip that comes with the curtains.

Cold weather curtains

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With patented thermal lining, Moondream cold weather curtains will significantly reduce your energy bills throughout the winter, and let you adjust the light in the room very easily, thanks to the blackout function. Available in a huge range of colors, finishes and materials, you can choose the thermal insulation curtains that match your interior decor best. A discreet, effective, decorative solution!