Thermal insulation solution

How to improve thermal insulation in your home at a low cost

Is the heat insulation in your home not ideal? Would you like to reduce your heating bills in winter but keep the room cool in summer? Rather than a complicated, costly solution (new insulation, replacing doors and windows, etc.), Moondream offers thermal curtains.

Thermal insulation solution

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Moondream technical curtains: the solution to your window insulation needs

Windows and entrance doors are the main sources of heat loss in winter and, by contrast, can transform a room into a sauna in summer. Depending on your needs, you can use Moondream energy efficient curtains for your windows and/or entrance door and improve heat insulation at the same time. In winter, you can make up to 46% savings on your heating bills, while in summer our patented thermal solution can reduce the temperature of the room by up to 7°. Two-in-one thermal curtains and drapes or thermal linings to attach to your current curtains—Moondream has the thermal solution to your energy needs as well as your decorative tastes.