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Moondream energy efficient curtains reduce your heating bills

Save on energy with Moondream energy efficient curtains

Poorly insulated windows, entrance doors that let in the cold... Your home can get very drafty in winter. Your first reflex is to turn up the heating. But this heat will simply escape, and your bills will go up! Moondream thermal insulated curtains are an alternative to complex, energy-wasting solutions. Inspired by survival blankets, the patented lining on our thermal curtains contains microscopic aluminum particles that prevent heat from escaping.

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Tested in an independent laboratory, they possess proven energy efficiency. You can save up to 46% on energy compared to installing simple curtains. Available in several sizes to adapt to all windows, and many colors and fabrics, our thermal insulation curtain also have the added feature of blocking out 100% of the light. Thanks to Moondream's solutions, you can make significant energy savings without altering your interior decor.