Thermal curtain linings

For perfect comfort in summer and winter

Are your windows poorly insulated, or is it difficult to maintain the ideal temperature all year round? Moondream has a patented, effective, inexpensive technological solution: thermal lining.

Reduce your heating bills with winter thermal curtain linings

Stop your heating bills from going through the roof! To make real energy savings and protect yourself from the cold and heat loss due to poor insulation, Moondream winter thermal lining is a discreet, innovative solution. Ecological and above all economical, it can save up to 46% on winter heating bills compared to ordinary glazing or curtains.

Thermal curtain linings

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Keep your home cool

We all wait impatiently for summer, to make the most of the sun and its soothing warmth. However, it can become difficult to bear when the temperature rises. With Moondream special summer thermal lining, you can reduce the indoor temperature by up to 7°, even if your room is South facing! No more need to keep the shutters closed in the daytime, you can still let the light come in and enjoy a cooler atmosphere.