Warm curtains: the solution against drafts

What is an thermal insulated curtain?

As its name implies, a thermal insulated curtain is a solution that insulates your home from unwanted drafts. This thick, but light curtain acts as a barrier against external cold, keeping the heat produced by your radiators inside, to guarantee a warm temperature all winter. Thanks to the injection of aluminum particles in the lining, Moondream winter thermal curtains prevent significant heat loss and more importantly help save money on heating bills. To avoid changing your curtains, attach the thermal lining to your current curtains!

Warm curtains: the solution against drafts

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Why choose Moondream for heat insulation?

The leader in the technical curtains market, this 100-year old French company designs solutions combining technological performance with beautiful fabrics. All our products are exclusively made in Europe, guaranteeing perfect, high-quality manufacture. Whether you choose anti-cold curtains, winter thermal lining or winter thermal and blackout curtains, your home will be transformed into a bubble of warmth.