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A wide range of blackout curtains to help you make the best choice

Depending on your tastes, needs and daily habits, you are bound to find the baby's bedroom curtains that will suit your home. Choose between 100% blackout or dim-out curtains, depending on the level of darkness you require. If the window is poorly insulated, a lined, thermal-insulating blackout curtain for baby's room may be the best low-cost solution. It will help the room to stay at the ideal temperature all year round, reducing your energy consumption by up to 46% in winter and cooling baby's room by around 3 degrees in summer.

Find the perfect nursery curtains on Moondream

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Innovative solutions to protect your baby

Moondream knows that your baby's safety and well-being is your main priority, which is why it has specially developed high-performance, innovative curtains. From mosquito-repellent blackout curtains that stop pests entering the room, to anti-dust mite blackout curtains—perfect for children with allergies—via anti-radiation blackout curtains that protect baby from external electromagnetic waves, we have every solution. Whatever your preferences, the nursery curtains will be durable, easy to care for and block out up to 100% of the light, for a peaceful night’s sleep.